Buzzy the team mascot dog

Buzzy the team mascot dog

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In offices and shops around the country, people have been sharing their workspaces with some unlikely colleagues.

Value Picture Framing at Coorparoo is one of those shops.


We have Buzzy, who is a small white Bichon Frise.  Having the dog in the office can boost morale in an at-times stressful industry.  I think what it does, it creates a very balanced environment, the dogs are the calming effect. They're the balance.

Buzzy spends much of his day roaming around and trying to find a coveted sunny spot in the office to rest in.

Having dogs around not only helps us humans but means the pets aren't left alone all day.

He's like my best friend coming to work with me every day.  He comes to work, interacts with me.  I know he's safe and happy here.
While the pooch is spared from the tasks that come with working in a Framing shop he's still a very important member of the team.

I think it's been one of the best things that we've ever done. When he first started coming, it was a new business so he helped break up the stressful times.

And even going forward with employing people, it's a good test of character. They always say a dog can pick out the good and bad people.


Everyone seems to be a bit happier and he gets smiles when he comes around and gives you a sniff. We can also see that this lowers stress levels.

When things aren't going well, people give a dog a pat or take them out for a walk. So all-around a happier workplace. It lifts everyone's emotions but it also reminds us about what's important.

Having a dog around the office can put things in perspective on a difficult day. They de-stress the place. You walk in from a bit of a stressful meeting and the dogs walk to the door - you come up from the car park - the dogs walk to the door to greet you.

And they're smiling, wagging their tails or coming up to say hello. So life's not that bad. Suddenly you get brought back down to earth.