Picture Framing

‘A picture is a poem without words’ – Horace. Since you have decided to get something framed, our interpretation is that you value beauty in all its visual and artistic forms. You also appreciate that those rare and sentimental items (like old photos, fine art and artefacts) need preservation and should be matched by a frame that does them justice.

Framing life's special moments

Poster Framing

Unframed posters might be understandable on a high-school student’s wall. For anyone else, they look untidy – to say the least. Enhance your posters by professionally framing them. Our solutions are of high quality but they are also inexpensive and completed in a prompt fashion – that’s what makes them so popular!

Photo Framing

Your memories are precious. Framing these special moments can really turn a house into a home. They’re a poignant reminder of what matters most. Adorn your walls with professionally framed photos for that personal touch.

Jersey Framing

Prove yourself to be your sporting team’s ultimate superfan by framing your favourite player’s jersey. We will ensure a crease-free finish – complemented by the right frame for a look that wows.

Memorabilia Framing

What are we without our memories? Much like music and perfume, memorabilia refers to items that can revert you to a specific point in time (also having historical significance). Our shadow-box framing is ideal for drawing a focal point to those items which elicit an emotional response and have a nostalgic quality.

War Medals, Documents & Artefacts Framing

Honour your loved ones by framing their achievements. This is an ideal way to thank them for their service. This also makes for a great gift. Rest assured, we will treat your cherished items with the utmost care.

Degree & Certificate Framing

Display formal evidence of your capability by framing your degrees and certificates. This is perfect for professionals and students alike. We provide custom certificate frames for those who want something a little more unique and distinctive.

Print Framing

Turn any decorative print into a work of art. Professional framing is a cost-effective method to lift the mood and energy of your room. You might want to opt for a contemporary frame to match a modern style print, or an ornate vintage frame for a replica design.

Pastel & Charcoal Art Framing

Delicate artwork needs professional care. If you frame pastel and charcoal art using regular methods they will soon lose their beauty. This is due to the fragility of these materials. Our conservation frames will ensure pastel and charcoal works are protected to the highest extent.

Water Colour Framing

Watercolor paintings are photosensitive by nature. If they are not framed properly they will soon fade. At Value Picture Framing, we use UV filtering glasses to minimise the impact of the elements on watercolour works.

Wedding Photo Framing

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Preserve all the tender emotions you felt and all the love showered upon you by friends and family by framing your wedding photographs. This will make them ready to display – for maximum effect.

We also provide these specialty services

Canvas Stretching and Framing

Get the perfect finish for your work with our canvas stretching service. We will then frame your piece using our floating frames for the most professional level of presentation. Your canvas will sit equally as well in your home or in a gallery!

Custom Block Mounting

Don’t have time to wait around for something a bit more lengthy and involved? You can opt for custom block mounting. This means fixing your image or canvas onto a wooden MDF board. It is a cheaper option and you can enjoy the choice of three edge options.

Picture Hanging

Forget about using drilling machines, nails and hammers. Picture hanging systems can be especially helpful when you don’t want to get too physical. Or maybe you rent your property and aren’t allowed to affix permanent hardware? With ArtiTeq Solutions, you have more flexibility in hanging your frame – without any damage to your walls.

Value Art Installation

Is the ideal place to hang your frame beyond your reach? Or do you want professional help in designing a collage for your frames? We’re here to help with installations for any need, purpose and vision.

Value Photo Printing

Did you know that we also provide scanning and printing services? In fact, we’re a much-relied-upon supplier of photo printing in Coorparoo, Morningside and the East Brisbane area. We also stock three types of media – canvas, art papers and resin-coated media.