Canvas Stretching & Framing

Neatness guaranteed

When we talk about canvas stretching, we refer to the professional process of stretching a painting on a frame called strainer bars. After that the corners are carefully tacked down. Some people are experienced enough to do this themselves, but many are likely to blemish the artwork in the process. Why take a chance?

Exhibition-like results

Value Picture Framing will make your images sharper and brighter while ensuring that your mediums don’t get damaged or duty. We guarantee to give you that primped and polished exhibition-like look!

So many options

One we are finished stretching, we do what we do best – frame your canvas in the colour and material of your choice. You’ll be impressed by our huge range of canvas frames.

Our speciality

  • Pine Strainer Bars
    Solid pine strainer bars are used with skilled bracing to provide you with the highest quality stretched canvas that is guaranteed not to bow or warp.
  • Floating Frames
    Floating Frames (sometimes called Front Loading Frames) are the new standard in canvas presentation. We take your perfectly stretched canvas and float it elegantly in a sleek and straightforward moulding to suit your art and decor.

Framing your stretched canvas

Not only can we stretch your canvases, but we can professionally frame them too! We’ve been framing in Brisbane since 1967 and have a huge range of framing materials to choose from.

Our work