About Us

For over half a century we have delivered value frames and art services to artists, galleries, governments and companies.


Established in 1967, Value Picture Framing started as a small family business.

To this day, it boasts a proud reputation as a local icon. Ownership has been kept within the family, with the ‘reins’ now handed down to Alan Roach.

Our guarantee

At Value Picture framing, we do everything we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your custom picture frame or any other product. We are passionate about our craft and this translates to a high level of enthusiasm and a commitment to the most professional practices. Our goal is to have you walk away thrilled with our service and barely able to contain your excitement in being able to display your beautiful newly-framed piece.

Who we are

Alan Roach

“I enjoy owning the business and that feeling of accomplishment when you smash a goal – all the struggles and the rewards. I enjoy offering local people employment and space in my life and heart that starts to feel like family. I enjoy being successful in an industry that can be difficult. So, I guess to sum it up – I like the challenge. My favourite things to frame are the challenging things; the ones that other framers don’t want to or can’t do. It’s certainly never boring.”

Brooke Ovenden (née Roach)

“I do the work I do because… it’s personal. It’s a personal service and I love the customers that visit my shop. I love the way their stories about the piece they’re framing is always all tangled up together with stories of their life. I love the art, and designing something original that I get to see through from start to finish.”