Hanging Systems

No unsightly wall punctures

Don’t want to mark your wall and create a cavity? ArtiTeq Solutions are one of a number of art hanging systems available on the market. But the brand is distinguished by its unique combination of style and technical innovations in the art of hanging. This picture hanging system is:

  • Flexible
  • Ensures no damage to walls
  • User-friendly
  • Multifunctional
  • Strong and reliable

Rails, Wires and Hooks

You want to hang your pictures safely. Choosing an ArtiTeq picture hanging system is a practical decision that guarantees benefits for the long term. It includes a rail that you can mount to a wall or ceiling. Plus, hanging wires and hooks.

Using clips is the easiest way to install the rail to the wall. Since the hanging wires may be clicked onto or slid into the rail wherever you like, you always have the flexibility when it comes to hanging and rehanging wall decorations.

Eye-catching or invisible?

You have the option of allowing a rail to act as an ‘eye-catcher’ – it will look visually appealing and be part of the overall feature. For an example, an aluminium rail that mounted to a white wall.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer the rail to look as inconspicuous as possible. In this case, you might choose a white rail to match a white wall (or the primer version of the rail which can be repainted in the same colour as the wall or ceiling). If this is the way you want to go, your best bet is to use a hanging system that can be mounted flush against the ceiling.

You also have a choice of various accessories for the rail. Perlon hanging wires are transparent and look next-to-invisible on your wall. On the other hand, steel hanging wires have a sleek, industrial look which may be just perfect for your interior! This solution involves hooks which slide onto hanging wires – they can easily be adjusted on the wire as desired.

How about a photo-wall?

Are you looking for a trendy and stunning way to display your photos within your interior space? If you like to think outside-the-box and love the eclectic look of a bunch of different size frames, you might want to explore the creative option that is a photo-wall. This can look equally fantastic in decorating your home or office.

Look no further than ArtiTeq photo hanging system to provide the basis for your photo-wall. Hanging picture frames is easy when you use a hanging rail complete with hanging wires and hooks. You can attach your photo frames in mere seconds. Plus, you have the flexibility to change the frames on your wall or add new ones – anytime you like!

ArtiTeq® hanging systems

We have a great range of ArtiTeq® in-store, and it’s easy to install or allow us to fix it for you.

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