Photo Framing

Nothing creates a feeling of belonging in a home like displayed photos do.  We will frame your photos beautifully and safely so that you and your family can treasure them as a precious memento.

  • Wedding photographs
  • Family portraits
  • School photos
  • Animal portraits
  • Artists photos
  • Historical family portraits

Mat boards & spacers

Mat boards and spacers are essential when framing photos to ensure the photo doesn’t stick to the glass over time.

Conservation Framing

We have the highest standard of conservation framing materials available and proven techniques to preserve your precious photos while making them look great.

We offer an exciting Conservation Package when you buy Museum grade glass, and mat board. You will receive with our compliments acid-free barrier paper, rebate barrier tape, a linen hinge and spacers if required.

Value Framing

Our company has been offering excellent quality custom solutions at the right price since 1967. We provide high-quality materials, skilled framers and superior service. We offer all the options and can advise where you could spend or save money without sacrificing your desired look. You can choose what’s essential, because at the end of the day – it’s all about you.

Budget Framing

You will find in-store a range of readymade frames in different photo sizes. You can fit them yourself, or, pay a little extra for us to do it for you. We can also provide mat board borders cut to size while you wait. It’s a quick and super affordable way to get your poster up on the wall and looking nice and neat.

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